Travelators, Escalators, and Elevators offer you considerable comfort.  Vertical transportations are built with a purpose to provide easy transport. If unavailable, it can be an unpleasant travel experience. AEC Elevator Consultants understands the need of Vertical transportation in every industry.

With our dedicated passion for technology, safety, and expertise from a wide range of disciplines, we understand the needs of our customers and we know how to keep people moving. With every new construction and existing construction, we help you create a vertical transportation system that is robust and sustainable. We also advise you on Elevator Modernization that includes smarter maintenance.

We solve the toughest challenges of implementing a vertical transportation solution to buildings.  As an escalator and elevator consultants, we are the choice for the large group of developers, building owners, builders across the country. We make vertical transportation possible for all building environments. We implement innovation and provide superior service that is expected out of every business sector.


a) Residential

AEC Elevator Consultants is at your service to help you identify the elevator and escalator needs of Residential buildings. We guide you in planning changes and provide excellent Elevators design that is specific to the standards of your building. We have a team of professional who will evaluate the needs and suggest the best alternatives that fit the usage of the elevator in the space available. We take into consideration the height of the building, structure, purpose, traffic and other aspects before designing the Elevators.


b) Hotels and Resorts

A stay in the hotel is pleasant only when the elevator is in working condition. An out-of-order elevator often results in angry customers. At AEC Elevator Consultants, we understand the demands of the industry and offer the perfect solution. Hotels and resorts demand Elevators to reach the highest level of the building. We are inspired by latest designs and innovative technology and provide the right plan that is potential cost saving and will get back the immediate investment.


cCommercial and Office Buildings

Commercial establishments and office buildings need to have vertical transportation for various reasons. The clients need to balance their business goals and their production of the company without spoiling the environment. AEC Elevator Consultants offer a variety of software solutions, Travelators, architectural designs, engineering concepts that can be implemented in commercial and official buildings.

Our role is to evaluate the operating risk and maximize the efficiency of lifts and Escalators in the building while meeting the sustainable goals of the business.


d) Health care

AEC Elevator Consultants provide proper planning and design services for Health care sectors to keep the facilities running smoothly. Our Lift Consultants are highly knowledgeable and listen to the client's requirement and provide the best solution that works for their elevator needs. The need for vertical transportation in the health care industry is critical. The safe, efficient and cost-effective solution is essential to improve the infrastructure of the health care industries.


eEducational Institution

Universities, colleges, and schools require vertical transportation and their needs and goals are similar but different from other industries and sectors. It defines the infrastructure and ease of use. The need for Elevators and Escalators differ from one institution to the other based on the building structure, design, and the traffic. We ensure that our elevator consultants work together with you to provide appropriate service that is essential for the educational institution.


f)IT Parks

Vertical transportation is constantly changing and IT Parks adapt to new methods of equipment design and engineering. It improves the efficiency and enhances the productivity leaving an outstanding overall infrastructure. At AEC Elevator Consultants, experience cutting-edge technology solutions with total transparency. The elevator solution we provide are specific to the building structure and it saves your money and time. Enjoy the technical advancement through our Elevator Modernization services. Our experts are excited to provide a positive contribution to the vertical transportation industry.


g) Infrastructure building

AEC Elevator Consultants are keen on creating a new generation of a landmark with utmost challenges. Infrastructure buildings are associated with great height on high structures. Our specialist solution is enhanced through innovative ideology and outstanding structures. Our technical team has decades of experience to form a fully functional vertical transportation according to the structure of the building. We deliver robust solution where people enjoy living.


h) Private homes

As Lift Consultants, we are proud to be working in private homes with the top builders and architects. Our experience and skills make it possible for the architects and engineers to push their boundaries of vision to a great extent. We make dreams possible and help architects to realize their goals.

AEC Elevator Consultants engineered with a team of excellent professionals who make a positive contribution towards private homes. We help you to achieve the optimal cost with elegant building structures.


iRetail and Malls

A demanding market that operates seven days a week needs proper vertical transportation to carry out the day-to-day business activities. Failure of lifts and Escalators directly affect the sales and results in customer’s dissatisfaction.

At AEC Elevator Consultants, we understand the need of vertical transportation in the retail environment and in Malls and come up with the best design and specification that is highly demanding in such environment. Our elevator consultants are skilled and can provide accurate designs based on the demands.


jIndustrial buildings

At AEC Elevator Consultants, we add value to the industrial building projects by listening carefully to our clients. We ensure the industrial needs of our clients are met and the need of the building and vertical transportation is delivered.  We provide safe, cost-effective and sustainable solutions that are needed for any industrial building. Our focus is on efficiency and we optimize the performance of the building with advanced vertical transportation technology that reduces operational costs.