ELEVATOR AUDITS !Ignore Elevator Maintenance and performance will decline rapidly. Response time will increase. Downtime will increase. Repair costs will increase. Service life will be shortened. Complaints will increase. Most importantly, safety w

Elevator Modernisation Elevator Modernization is a process of Upgrading the Existing Elevator to make the Elevator Safer, More Efficient and More Attractive. It is one of the Emerging Services in the Elevator Industry and encompasses two kinds of M

Need some soothing? Listen to elevators talkA screen shot from a website provided by the Finnish elevator company Kone, of its elevator in Illinois talking to it via the cloud.This week the Finnish elevator company Kone launched a website showin

AEC Elevator Consultants can perform detailed Auditing of specific Performance Measurements, along with a Professional Analysis of the state of Repair for Your Elevators, the level of Maintenance being performed, Compliance with Code Specified by Ele

Careful Selection of Elevators , Escalators and Travelators is critical for a buildings to operate safely and effectively.We at AEC Asia Inc. plan and design vertical transportation systems for New constructions, Modernisation solutions for old bui

Careful selection of Elevators , Escalators and moving walks is critical for buildings to operate safely and effectively.AEC provides vertical transportation consultancy services across all sectors We plan and design new developments , retrofit old

STATUTORY COMPLIANCES SERVICESReduce risk. Increase peace of mind.AEC Consultants is the best enabling partner for your compliance with vertical transportation laws as per Electrical Inspectorate. We offer Statutory Compliance related to Electric

INDUSTRY SPECIFIC SOFTWARE SOLUTIONSBuild Desktop And Mobile Solutions for specific needs on HANA, CLOUD, SAP UI5To Know more please leave your contact details.

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