As expert Elevator c

Tendering and Specification Comparisons

As expert Elevator consultants, we participate in the entire tendering process and provide accurate comparisons. We review and provide prompt responses to the queries related to vertical transport tendering. We also participate in the tender meeting along with the architects and builders to discuss and address issues related to the Vertical transportation system. As an expert, we take care of the design coordination that is incorporated into the specification. We also review the specification comparisons designed by the architects and builders. Accessing the tender documents for vertical transport is not an easy task. We at AEC Elevator Consultants make it easy for you. We clear the tender documents involving escalator and elevator supply and more. Our experts simplify the comparison and help you understand jargons. We also attend tender discussions to provide you the clarity of information. We ensure our customers get the best elevator service and maintain. AEC Elevator Consultants provide comprehensive specification comparison that is essential to find out the needs of the existing construction. A comprehensive report is essential for fair results. At the end of the building analysis, the service need of the building and equipment is found. The performance of the Elevators, standards used and the restrictions are analyzed before the tender is placed. Our consultants take care of the entire tendering process that will bring benefits for the vertical transportation of the building.

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