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The demands of the Construction industry have promoted a growth in the field of Vertical Transportation Consulting since Building Owner/ Architect gain a third party who will handle the job of careful evaluation so that investments can be minimized without compromising on the functionality and safety of the Vertical Transportation System. With the new rules in place an elevator may require a substantial investment and many buildings require not one elevator but several others to serve their tenants. Any inefficiency with the elevator system will reflect upon the professionalism and good standing of the building owner. AEC Elevator consultants usually work with Architects and Engineers but it does not prevent us from being consultants to Private Building owners or Owners Associations who want to install a new elevator or upgrade an existing one. The fact is, AEC Elevator consultants take care of the evaluations and analysis including the preparation of necessary documents before they are placed under the bidding process. We can also estimate the required investment you need to prepare for the project. We have the skills and our judgment is reliable because of the wide experience we have gained in the Elevator and Escalator industry. AEC Elevator consultants will work with you in evaluating Elevator design, testing and maintenance inspection. We have a lot of knowledge and experience on the workings of the elevator. Elevators are their specialties and it follows that we can provide the right advice especially when considering elevator codes and municipal regulations.

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